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Marcus Orelias

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(verse 1: marcus orelias)

In 93 my uncle looked like spike lee
Pre school days, i was told do the right thing
I slowly became a victim of needless suffering
If i recall right, my clocks right. im out at 3:35
It goes back farther when father bought hologram
Jordans past 95, i need to defy gravity thus far
Livin in hell with expectations higher
In high school youre taught to be fly
Or be a fly by giants who dont cry for weaklings
My thoughts of having more, helps me sleep
With haunting feelings of not feeling complete
I used to be ashamed, what i laced on my feet (why?)
I blame the thirteens, only pair i touched til this day
Free me from conceit, anxiety and the pain.
Of talking shoe releases; im striving on releasing
Pieces of me for all the times i felt left out
Must be the lack of, why my dick stayed in a drought
Should i let go and start to drown
How you see me? tell me how you see me
When mirrors only reflect what you want to see
Believe me.


Marcus, always do the right thing (book ii)
And thats the truth. and tell the truth
Never compromise stay true to you
You win some; you loose some (book ii)
At least thats what my mama and daddy said
Now, never let the attention get to your head
Just listen, never shit in your own bed. (book ii)
Face your fears as you climb high
And always say whats on your mind
No im not mad; im just passionate (book ii)
Take this life lesson and live present moment
In the end youre going to do what you gotta do (book ii)
Just understand the consequences
Of your actions, book ii

(verse 2: marcus orelias)

If everything falls down, itll fall into place
Talking real world shit but still no one relates
Cause my attitude is fuck the system and
Alot of homies dont graduate from hallways plus
My homeworks missing, when its time to collect
But nobody checked, that shit so i jet with a clique
Creeping off campus, too stubborn to make it.
Im saying, quit acting like my shit dont stink
Spending monthly, hoping to boost self-esteem
Uncertainties manifests, buying what i dont need
Getting stuck on these momentary feelings
An emptiness; from my past is catching up to me
Straying towards hypocrisies, i say what i mean
And mean what i say. tying my own rope
I didnt want to hang with those lames in my first class
So im living life today like its my last
If twelve plus eight plus six equals twenty six
That means i got six months to make it happen
Tryna stay face but im losing my faith
Being left alone, when most kids my age
Couldnt exercise control


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