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Armored Saint

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Date de parution : 19/08/2008

Durée : 0:04:41

Style : Pop

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Voted in, i'm just the spokesman here
A robot i'm not, i feel the same fears
Pressure on my back and i must respond
Say the word and i'll be gone, i'm gone

I say attack while the world is trembling
Then get criticized 'cause we felt the sting
An indecisive mind cannot be a judge
Stand by your fighting words
Your words

Everybody is a book of blood
Subverting society with a magic touch
Well, i refuse to engage
Don't condemn the judgment of another
'cause it differs from your own
You may both be wrong

Pressure on my back
And i must respond
Say the word and i'll be gone
Gone, i'm gone

No end
No friend
No end
God send

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