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Kyle Bent

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1 verse : my name was written in the book of,
Completing the operation,
Bout to make history like obama's inauguration,
Look up,
See me in the sky like a constellation,
This soul food i provide feeds the hungry nations,
Look at my through your eyes, see nothing but greatness,
Of course they hating cause im just too advanced for your basics,
Listen to me spit and you can hear the knowledge,
My flow's in another degree and i aint go to college,
Painting a perfect picture no collage flow,
Fans follow where i go,
Cause im hot as diablos,
I know i was made special kinda like movado,
Rojo ,
Red hot with shades on like johnny bravo,

2 verse : ok ok alright,
More than a rapper but a catalyst just thought i might establish this,
These soft rappers need to know where the beauty pageant is ,
Tar produces the baddest hits, and i just go dismantle it,
Im walking on the crust but my flow is where the mantal is,
Pardon my flow this is no where close to as hard as i go,
Im spitting that platinum my heart is of gold, im out of this world no oxygen bro,
Best of my league no cockiness though, because im the bomb i drop and explode,
Im running this city you walking real slow, aint talking my language we talking in codes,
Stacking this dough then later we blow it all, then get some more,
Im out of this world so you can call me paul,
Right on the ledge live life on the edge just hoping i dont fall,
Getting bread stacking books but yet this ain't study hall
, ah ,hate on me, u can never face to me,
So if they hating b, tell em im still caking see, see
,you aint even a factor, your opinion dont really matter,
You claim you on that real stuff, but to me you look like an actor,
On that green like a tractor, master of the art im way more than just a rapper,
Spitting that dope ish focused, im spitting the coldest, hope for the hopeless,
Treat the game like a channel but i do it remote less, never used to quote this but now they promote this,
Hotter than a moltres, you cant approach this, and if you lion homie consider me poachers,
10-story building im high as the top porch is ,plus im getting green like golf courses,
Hot as human torches, nah homie im scorching, animal when i'm spitting so i be met morphing,
Im just sunning rappers, got them feeling like theyre orphans,
Benedict poping, got me bible quoting

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