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Marcus Orelias

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(hook: marcus orelias & antlionnn)

The only thing holding down my soul is my soles (soles)
The only thing holding down my(x4)

(verse 1: marcus orelias)

Digging deep for my happiness
Visualizing what it means
Thinking to myself
Why do bad things happen to me?
Fear only goes as far as belief
Started feeling the weight at eleven
This is book seven
Disobedient kids, take a few of these
You see; sadness isnt free
Going broke tryna ball hard
So i dont get cut like 3rd string
Will i be remembered? youd be surprised
When feeling ahead of your time, aint easy
Knowings a blessing, relaying it is the curse
The truth hurts and no one cares
I need outcome in my jeans like punnett squares
Mama swears ive been here before, revisited
I understand being misunderstood, you different
So resist, become relentlessi did

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