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Martin Sexton

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Date de parution : 16/11/2010

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I met my baby at the fez club underneath the time cafe
At the corner of lafayette and 4th street late one wednesday
She offered me a red stripe and i said baby not a chance
I could go for a tall cool ginger-ale, how about we just dance?

We did the boom sh-boom the doo wah ditty
The mocha choca latte and the nitty gritty
(we did the) ... hoochie coo, the lazy ballerina,
Baby make me feel like i'm a california dreamer

Well i asked her for her number,
She said here's my phone at work
I put two and two together: dang she must be with some jerk
Two summers later in the vineyard, there came another opportunity
She came all that way just to see me play
But i was with sweet lisa marie
It took so many months of waiting but finally come next spring
We were free and clear and good to go and
Hot dang we did our thing

We did the boom sh-boom, the rumble in the jungle
The who-knows-who and the haystack tumble
The voulez vous, the moaner and the screamer
Baby make me feel like she's the girl from ipanema yeah,

Now it's all these years later, and we're still going strong
My friends they keep on grillin' me, "how do you love so long?"
We made us a family and we still love to kiss
But the boom sh-boom and the doo wah ditty is the secret to our bliss

Boom sh-boom, the doo-ah ditty,
Got the sweetest little girl in new york city
Hoochie-koo, the king of bohemia,
Baby make me feel like she's the girl from ipanema, yeah
Boom sh-boom! baby i love you
(on the counter, breaking dishes, in the lake scaring the fishes)
(in the airplane mile-high club, in the hotel in the hot tub)

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