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Gifted But Twisted

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Uh-oh, lemme feel the room rock
With the bass kick comin' out your boombox
Ka-boom we're on fire tonight
Crank the levels up higher and we're feeling alright
So if you think you're chillin, you think you're comin' over
Better have that boombox totin' on your shoulder
It's all good when we're partyin' on
And crankin' that boom 'till the break of dawn

Uh-oh better crank up the level
And crank up the bass cuz we don't need no treble
Got the boom boom bass thats all you ever need
We the boom boom boom that's comin ya street
Wake up everyday crank that shit to the max
Crank that punk rock, hip-hop, heavy metal all that
Cuz this is how we're livin' it up
Cuz we're the punk rock kids that don't give a fuck

It's the boom in ya room that ya know ya love
Or in the street with a skateboard, rockin' the dub
It's the pumpin' beat of the kick and the snare
Havin' fun in the sun, crank it up anywhere
Cuz in the end this is a way of life
Yeah ya sleep all day so you can play it all night
And nobody rockin' it as loud as me
And the music sticks to you like an std

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