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She's bopular ery nigga in
Da hood done fucked wit her
If u get da ho alone
She'll fuck fo' sho
Never have go to wait to
Long to be a customer (to be a customer)

She's bopular ery nigga in
Da hood done fucked wit her
If u give da ho alone
She'll fuck fo' sho
Never have got to wait around to
To be a customer
Cause shes bopular

Now ever since da she hit
Me on da celluar
Da chick became a regular
Member of da yadaimean team squad
Now da chick a yadaimean team bop
Suckin on da yadaimean team nob(she suck cock 4 real wha? 4 real)
Da chick give dexter brains
Now we call her leather face
Like texas chain
On some pimp shit
Put her on mayne (put her on mayyyne)
Fucking with da strole through rain bitch

Shes fantasic and im estatic
See a river through the latex
Like its plastic
Shes elastic its so damn crazy
You can tell from da
Top shes amazing
Run through the team like its
Foot ball season
She give it anytime
Any part of the season
The capitan of the bopular team
Call her gibbers when she gimmie me
What she give me
You see the bottom of yo jewlry bin


She's bopular
What your know about that
I need a boppin bytch
To let me hit it from da back
Im in da party goin dum wit davy
Lookin for a ripper
I don't need me a lady
Boppin ass bitch tryin come
Up on my riches
I aint lookin for i aint
Lookin for a missez
So dont get it twist (nope)
Im just tryin have you
Give my dick a little kisses
Now let me know where the boppin
Ass bitches at

Shes bopular
Bitch couldnt see me with binoculars
I get da shyt hotter
Then pot sticker
Give her nice stick like
An officer than im off of her
She bopular
I need a bay bitch who don't say shit
I put her on craigs list
Quick my money longer than
The bay bridge
This diligentz and go dav bitch


Say bra
What must occur
Don't fuck with the hoe
She bopular
On hella here like
5 oclock shadow
Breast stroke that bitch
Then doggy paddle
Go dav lookin like
A page from the pack
Who ever knew boppin
Would become a fad
I cant keep hoes away
Because boy stunnin head like
Jody briggs

Im tryin see some pussy poppin on
Da hand
Lil mama do it right
She do da daymn dance
Twerk dat boy back it up on her
Lil mama do it good
Know she gotta put in work
I'm tryin see what it is ma
Off top you know u gotta
Swallow some kids ma
My fault i ain't mean to disrespect u sister
But da prankster only lookin for
A baby sitter


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