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The Blasters

pochette album Border radio
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Date de parution : 27/04/2010

Durée : 0:02:43

Style : Rock

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One more midnight, her man is still goneg c gthe nights move too slowg c she tries to remember the heat of his touchc g d gwhile listening to the border radioshe calls toll-free and requests an old songsomething they used to knowshe prays to herself that wherever he is,he's listening to the border radiochorus: c"this song comes from nineteen sixty-twocdedicated to a man who's gonecfifty thousand watts out of mexicog d gthis is the border radiog d gthis is the border radio"she thinks of her son, asleep in his roomand how her man won't see him growshe thinks of her life and she hopes for a changewhile listening to the border radio(repeat chorus)they play her tune but she can't concentrateshe wonders why he had to goone more night and her man is still goneshe's listening to the border radio(chorus)

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