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Summer Obession

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Hanging over a few lines,
But still im bored
Swallow pills and chase them down
And drink till im sore
Read a book to stay awake
But all the pages leave me (await?)
For something great

My real friends say im waiting for what started long ago
And life is what you make of it
So come on (now/love?), lets go
But still im bored lately
Do you feel safe?
? drives me crazy
Then this worlds insane
And this worlds insane

I go to a party with an army of mindless fucks
No ones doing anything
No ones interesting
So what
Go back home and write a poem
But all the words seem dumb
And i feel numb

Come on, be (straight?)
Do you really expect me to believe what i cant see?
Come on, (straight?)
Do you really think this was meant to be?
Come on, (straight?)

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