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I'm bored ... i don't know what to do ... i'm bored ... i don't have any money
I don't have a girlfriend ... and no boyfriend either, by the way
Gee, wouldn't that be fun? ... but i'm just so scared that i'm boring

But if i start a rock'n'roll band
I'll have something to do with my boredom
I might even find something beautiful in here (x2)
But i'm bored easily and you know you can't play all the time
That's boring, that's life
And i am getting bored with words, especially the ones that rhyme; life don't

And i'm tired of playing the same chord cycle over and over again
It's the umpteenth time ... but i don't like jazz
Maybe i was better of before, just sitting on my ass ... boring

But if i start a punk rock band i'll find a way out of my boredom
I think i'll find something beautiful there if i start a punk rock band
I won't ever have to rhyme again, i'll sing and play and do whatever i like

The only problem is i'm just so boring
I'm boring, i'm boring, boring, boring, bored

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