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Peter Liam Holcross

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I'm gambling everything on you, lord,
Flyin' blind through stormy skies
I won't go back, i've burned the bridge
And i'm runnin' toward the prize!
I thought i knew the answers, and i guess that i still do...
But now i know the answers all boil down to you!...and i

(chorus:) feel i've been born again!
And i'm no more of this world!
It may sound crazy but i've finally found
That precious pearl!

Maybe i've been tryin' too hard
To cling to things i'd feel,
When all the time, your love, lord,
Is the only thing that's real!
So i won't look back, the past is gone,
Your blood has covered all!
I'm living in reality,
Just waiting for your call! and i... (chorus)

There you were upon the cross,
With nothin''tween you and me,
But your sweet holy spirit,
For all eternity!
So i'm setting sail now, lord,
And you're my shining star;
I'll follow you forever,
'cause i wanna be where you are!
And i... (chorus)

Let me tell you one thing, friend,
And of this one thing i'm sure:
Whatever clouds surround you now
Are bound to disappear!
Just keep your eyes on jesus
And obey his holy word;
Leave your old self behind you;
You'll be free as a bird!
And you'll feel you've been born again, and you're no more
Of this world; it may sound crazy but you've finally found
That precious pearl!
And i...(chorus)

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