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Took a walk to the corner store
Just to buy a loaf of bread and a box of s`mores
Up pulled a guy in a yellow van
Shiny gold badge flashing in his hand

He said, alright all you mojados down here
I want you all to hit the floor
I got one thing to ask you and nothing more
So answer in english, if you can
Where were ya born, man

Huh? where was i born?

That`s right, i said
Where were ya born?

Hey, are you one of those dudes who do horoscopes, man
Hey, i`m a cancer with a bad moon rising

Look here el fago, watch my lips
Where were ya born?

I was born in east l.a.
Man, i was born in east l.a.

Oh yeah, you were born in east l.a.
Let`s see your green card

Huh? green card?
I`m from east la

Alright, then who`s president of the united states

Oh, that`s easy, man
That guy that used to be on death valley days, john wayne

Alright, let`s go, come on

Next thing i know, i`m in a foreign land
People talkin so fast, i couldn`t understand
There was nobody there to lend a helping hand
I was cold, it was dark where is a burger stand

I want to go back to east la
I wish i was back in east la
I don`t belong here in downtown t.j.
Cause i was born in east la, ole

I crawled under barbed wire, swam across a stream
Rode in six different trucks packed like a sardine
Walked all day in the burning sun
Now i know what it`s like to be born to run

Up ahead was the promised land
Shining like a star just beyond my hand
All i could see was a golden door
I looked up, a sign said five billion sold

And i was back in east la
Yes, i was back in east la
You know i`m never gonna stray
Cause i was born in east la, oh la

(adlibs with i'm a low rider rocker in east la, oh la)

East la!!!

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