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Deeds Of Flesh

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Cranial juices
Toxins for human greed
For pleasure

Where life turns
Into a morbid reality

Infant site helplessly in the crib
Not sleeping for a week and spun
The mother's thoughts swirls into darkness
She doesn't know what she's doing

The post-birth stress is unbearable
So she does the unthinkable

Grabbing her child by the throat
She throws it against the wall
Snapping it's delicate neck
But that's just the beginning
She doesn't know when to stop

Repeatedly, she punches and kicks
She killed her baby
The red fluid starts to flow

Though already dead, she continues
Stabbing away at the infant with her bare hands
Skin and muscle thrown about the room
Lifeless, headless skeletal infant sitting in her hands

She passes out
Then wakes two days later
Seeing what she's done
She deservingly takes her life

And the ties
Between flesh and blood
Is now a
Another victim to be murdered

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