Paroles de Bosnia

The Cranberries

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Date de parution : 01/01/2002

Durée : 0:05:37

Style : Pop

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I would like to state my vision,
Life was so unfair.
We live in our secure surroundings,
And people die out there.

Bosnia was so unkind.
Sarajevo changed my mind.
And we all call out in despair.
All the love we need isn't there.
And we all sing songs in our room.
Sarajevo erects another doom.

Sarajevo, sarajevo, sarajevo, sarajevo.
Bosnia was so unkind.
Sarajevo, sarajevo, sarajevo
Bosnia was so unkind.

Sure things would change if we really wanted them to.
No fear for children anymore.
There are babies in their beds,
Terror in their heads,
Love for the love of life.

When do the saints go marching in ? x4
Walk on tip toe...

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