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Kero One

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Date de parution : 04/04/2009

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Get down get down let it hit em'
Move ya body just float to the rhythm
Get down get down to the mission
Hey a ladi dadi move ya body to the rhythm

Verse 1
Give her guitar tune the strings up right
Then, pass him the congas let him freak it through the night
Next show me the rhodes and i'll let my hands roam
All across the keys till my fingers find home
There's no place like it, the bass better mic it
And make the lines funky, so kids wanna bite it
Yo! i'll check the sound are the monitors clear?
"yo kero the statics hummin" quick, summon the engineer
The lines getting longer, something we shouldn't fear
Tonight let's do this right half steppers to the rear
Sold out show, promotions on the roll,
The bands set to go, one second are we clear?
Word let's start the show, oh what happened to my beer?
Damn some shyster snagged it like magic it disappeared
Whatever, for the better, maybe i'll grab another
Or not time to rock and get down mutha....


Verse 2
Aight. hands up. no time for frontin'
All you cool ass people drop your shades stop stuntin'
Its kero one with more flows than arrowhead
Derelict, more slept on than aero-bed
Ignored by press and record label execs
Cold shoulders from promoters with reps
But check it, things progressing now magazines got a sec
My demos on their desk when before there's no address
Girls at my shows asking me to sign their breasts like
Damn girl, let's back it up a sec
I'm here to rock a show with a flow nothing less
Connect with some people in an equal context
With a mic check, a checka 1,2
The parties in our hands band what you gonna do?


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