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Beenie Man

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Date de parution : 20/08/2002

Durée : 0:04:05

Style : World

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Your gravity is strong, it's now or never
These painted lines go on this road forever
Crowded and broke, didn't talk for hours
I'm all out of smoke

We're stressed but getting high, it's getting better
I wrote a thousand times couldn't send the letter
On the last line i choked on this air i'm breathing
I'm all out of smoke

Don't tell me it's alright
Don't tell me the past can save me now
I can tell that it's not right
Is it the struggle that keeps us fighting?

Here comes the bossman calling
Here comes the man right now
Here comes the bossman calling
Don't let him bring you down

I sit upon this hill try to remember
What about those times made me surrender
Please don't come around till my feet are planted
Please don't come around
We won't let him bring us down

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