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It's 3am, locked out again. can't get in i'll stay outside instead. i'm surprised by all the noise, that's drowning out the shouts of girls and boys, naked and dancing, they're hands are clapping. "show it to me" says the kid show's laughing at the one with little feet. you think it's wrong but who's to say it's wrong to lock out everyone and live your life and die your death by yourself in your private bottle full_ it's 9am, get dressed again and out the door that locked me out at 3:10. here come's the mom, running up the stairs. "let me in" and the kid says, "i don't care." and then there's we, who never knew about the crazy shit and now you're unglued. i don't every wanna say, "you think it's wrong but who's to say it's_" so now i know of all the hate that's come from you upon myself. i'll smash this bottle full of hate from you upon myself.

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