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Date de parution : 01/07/2011

Durée : 0:04:39

Style : Rock

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I found a ring at roadside stand, for half a'days' pay
And though i'm dead in my saddle, my horse knows the way back home

All that's left of my little homestead, are broken fences and cattle long dead
There's no more coffee, and no more flour for bread

And i pray
So mary please hold me
'cause i killed (second time - bled) her slowly
I begged and i prayed, she passed on the same
And pass me the bottle, before i remember her name

Well i had nothing to give her, but cold nights and long days
And all she had was my stone-hardened heart, she hid her sorrow and laughed the same
So my hand clenches the bottle, as my heart cries like a preacher
But i don't need your sermon, 'cause it won't help me reach her

The tears in my eyes, sting my sun-burned cheeks
The first drops of water that i've seen in weeks
I knew she'd be gone, my luck always runs bad in streaks

Cold steel in my temple
A lost love i can't figure
Though my peacemaker's empty
Still i pull the trigger

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