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Corbin & Hanner

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Bob corbin (bro n' sis, bmi; coljes, bmi)1995

Well, they call me hollywood, out on the street
I'll be your guide tonight, the boulevard's my beat
Gonna meet a lotta hustlers, who wanta make the big score
Take a ride with me, i'll give you the tour
Life is hard here and nothin's ever like it seems
Down on the boulevard, the boulevard of broken dreams
Sally, she's a dancer, down at the lightnin' bar
They put dollars down her g-string, while she dreams she's a star
Billy's a bouncer, he writes books on the side
But he's gotta use his muscle to keep the drunks in line
Life is hard here...
Old piano jack, playin' barrell-house blues
He says the style's comin' back and he believes it's true
Lisa's an actress, that what she tells me
From the johns i've seen her with, i guess she'd have to be
Life is hard here...
If you're wonderin' who i am , i'm the one to blame
You can call me hollywood, though i have many names
I'm the one who lures you, from the cities and the towns
I'm the man behind the curtain, shoutin' a come on down
Life is hard here...

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