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Nb Ridaz

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Hey nino when are me and danny boy guuna get are chance to amke are own song?? hold up ruben were busy right now.. were working on this track. we wanna show u guyz how we put it down!!we'll do it later alright were busy right now .. we wanna do it right now!! hold on hold on the phones ringing (studio uh huh yaya ..ok hoold on let me get that for u) hey guyz ill be rihgt back dont touch nothing!! hey yo danny boy we should do it anyway......... hey yall cheack this out they call me lil a n thats danny boy right there .. oo ya my dannies baby...... its the a-n-d-r be do wezie one more year 6 already geting busy its that new born ridaz uh i no u feel me its that why to give rock a mike for the ladies the world yezz wonder as these grand canyon i can rock a mike so zee get that haldne it i ake al move just wait ukll see i got grown men trying to be like me bounce id u wanna i gota make it hot lil a danny boy we just odnt stop we respresent to the big az aint noddiby can drop it like me ... danny boy six years old n im bounceing no body puts donw like m represent to the bg az n all u haters fet off of me!!! u must be mad 'cause me n my dad running the city o ya o ya .. yo yo yo stop the track what u all doing u need to get the hell out of this studio .. young ridaz (luahing) .....

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