Paroles de Bouncy ball bum

Nutty Noah

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Date de parution : 11/03/2014

Durée : 0:04:04

Style : Children's Music

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I've got a bouncy ball for a bum
It gives me hours of endless fun
So if you see me bouncing through the sky tonight
It's cos i wore my pants too tight

And if i fall out of my chair
I'll bounce straight up into the air
I'm not sure that i like the feeling
When i connect with the ceiling

And if i'm walking down the road
And if i'm carrying a heavy load
If i trip watch the expression on my face
As i get bounced right into space

Let me tell you how this all has come to pass
I was injected with a polymer in my arm
My circulation made it settle in my rear
I wish sometimes it would just disappear

So i'm so sad and i'm lonely
I wish i could meet someone like me
In my mind we're holding hands down the street
As we're bouncing cheek to cheek

Maybe one day we'll have a son
A gibbering wreck of so much fun
And i'll try hard not to treat him like a toy
But he'll be my bouncing baby boy