Paroles de Bourbon cowboy

David R. Mohr

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I leave these city lights
Evry friday and saturday night
Back to this hole-in-the-wall
I still get that back home call

I left my ranch and now its gone
I dont fit in but still im holdin on
When i sit at the bar it suites me
Wheres the cowboy i used to be

I aint an urban cowboy that dont understand
What its like to live and work the land
So i sit here drinkin and feelin (em)coy
Hey hey look at me im a bourbon c owboy

When you dont rope and you dont rustle and dont work the land
When youre all tied up in suites cause youre a business man
Drinkin on the weekend at some honky-tonk that brings you joy
Fetch another round lay that bottle down on the counter boy
Im a whiskey drinkin self defeatin boot wearin corporate toy
Hey, hey look at me im a bourbon cowboy

I leave the honky-tonk after the fights
On my way back home i just sigh
I look in the mirror to see
The cowboy i used to be

Contrary to that poem
Sometimes you just cant go home
At least not to a place
That progress has stripped away



Hey, hey look at me im a bourbon cowboy
Have a drink with me im a bourbon cowboy

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