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Tom T. Hall

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I have a very good friend in nashville tennessee
Who is a semiprofessional wino
And during one of our recent and frequent conversations
We got to talk about his religious philosophy
And as far as i could determine this is the way he feels about it

Lord can a drunk go to heaven
Well, frankly i don't see why not
If the lord loves the weak and the weary
Well, how come he can't love a sot

Now i don't drink to hurt anybody
Why i love everybody i meet
I can quit any time but i don't want to
And in fact i quit three times last week

Now lemme tell you 'bout some of them preachers
Lord you know some of 'em ain't worth a dime
Why they're flirtin' with all of them wider, mm yeah
And one is a wider of mine

Oh, i hear people prayin' so fancy
Why they'd be better off a sendin' you mail
Lord if they could've heard me last sunday
Well, i've prayed 'em right out of that jail

Now lord if a drunk gets to heaven
To walk on that great golden strand
Would you give me a spot and the shade of a tree
And remember i'm a bourbon man

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