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Rivers Bob

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I was a little too stuffed
Had to lose a few pounds
Pants too tight, seams busting out
Just had a big burritto with beans and rice
With salsa on top, and some extra spice
Lots of extra spice...
Out there in the bathroom where the air gets heavy
Sat on a cold seat, thought i was ready...
Working up a cold sweat and reading the news
Workin' on a bowel move...
Trying' to move some backed up, drive-thru food
Workin' on a bowel move
And it was takin' time.
I was up last night trying to make some thunder
How long would it take, i sat and wondered?
Started reading a magazine from 1962
And i'm waiting for a bowel move
'cause i'm all bound up by cheese that's turned to glue...
Waiting on a bowel move...
I'm out of paper too.
Bowel move...
Ain't it funny how it takes so much time
For a bowel move?
I wanna remember, i wanna remember, i wanna remember...
I should've brought my camera.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.....

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