Paroles de Bowling trophy wife

Rodney Carrington

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Date de parution : 16/06/2009

Durée : 0:02:47

Style : Comedy

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Intro: (g) (d) (a) (d)

(d) well she weighs a buck ninety and she looks real good. at (a) least she does to me.
She don't wear no fancy clothes when we go out to (d) eat
I like beer and onion rings and betting on the (g) game.
(a) i asked her to marry me, and she belched out my (d) name


Ya (g) other guys like trophy wives with (d) tiny little waists
They'll (g) buy them yachts and caviar to (d) suit their champagne (a) taste.
(g) me i like em husky with an (d) appetite for (b) life
(g) i thank god for (d) giving me my (a) bowling trophy (d) wife

(g) (d) (a) (d)

(d) well she makes her own bubbles in her bubble bath (a) that just makes me proud
She'll dance around the house in her birthday suit with music way too (d) loud
She likes merle haggard and she likes george jones and a little bit of patsy (g) cline
She'll (a) grab my butt in the grocery store when we're standing in the checkout (d) line

(chorus x2)

(g) man i'm in (d) love with my (a) bowling trophy (d) wife

(g) (d) (g) (d) (g) (d) (g) (d)

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