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So long
So long
So long
He's been away
So long
So long
So long he's back again
I turned seventeen
We had passion we had dreams
Thought the love we were fighting for
Was something holy
Something more.

When i turned twenty-one
We were outside on the run.
When i walked out with my girl

We went halfway 'round the world

I dreamed than i saw her standing there
Running for the boy inside the man
I was hit hard by a light so bight it burned
All at once i knew she'd understand

Boy inside the man
The boy inside he man.

When i turned tweniy-five
We were hungry we had drive
When i turned much older then
When the boy was lost in pride
Now i just turned thirty-one
I have lost and i have won
Still i've kept my dreams alive
'cause this boy will never die

Chorus i dreamed... ah do you understand
The boy inside the man
Chorus i reamed...

So long
So long
So long
You been away
So long
So long
So long
You're back again

Sister cool this face
As if it's carved in stone
Don't leave m in his place
Like a boy wihout a home (repeat)
Boy inside the man

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