Paroles de Boy is a bottom

William, Detox & Vicky Vox

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He's just a boy but he's a bottom

Make him try to top he'll cry
Never even said he's bi
It says he's vers up on his grindr
Ah-oo versatile yeah okay ah-oo
Gurl you know you're super gay (ohhh)
Ass up and pull those pants down
(i heard a one time that he had a gown) (woah)
His hole is medium-rare (pink)
And you won't find a hair (stink)

This boy is a bottom (bottom x2)
This boy is a bottom
A gutbucket bottom (bottom x2)
He's a ratchet-ass bottom

He got fleet enemas for days
Sixty minutes in the gym
Forty-five of that is showerin' (he's a jock)
At least he wears one on a date (ah-ooo)
Ass-pussy sweet and clean
A total-top's total dream (oooh)
That hole ain't been tight for years
Slopabottumus queer (woah)
Rectal prolapse be damned
Shove it up in his can (take that take it blah x3)


Dick pig over here pig
Make my shaft disappear in your rear pig
Double penetration with you up in here pig
Are you scared pig
This goes there pig
And on your back-door that's my tongue pig
Dude that's your boy gash into my twink-stache
Keep suckin' me do it 'till i'm tucking g
Yes i'm a top cuz ain't nobody fucking me

(and now it's time for a breakdown)
Never gonna bottom (x7) (no no no no n-no)
Never gonna bottom (x7)


Oh woah x5

He just a boy, but he's a bottom