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Kernaghan Tania

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I used to have a boyfriend
You know the kind your mum would like
I brought him these great r.m. boots
He said no, they're not my style
So i dug my heels right in
And i refused to cry
He just stood there in his slip-ons
As i kissed that boy goodbye
(i like)
Boys in boots boys in boots
When you're steppin' out there ain't no substitute
Oh that's what i like
I like boys in boots
Like you to meet my new boyfriend
He's from west of timber creek
Where the boys are born in blundstones
They wear 'em seven days a week
They wear 'em out in winton
Those boys are countryfied
They're livin' lovin' legends
They'll keep me satisfied
Oh that's what i like
I like boys in boots

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