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I'm a man, i'm a very sick man
I got one aim this is kill and kill again
I was born with pain and pain i give back
All i do with people is mangle, scalp and hack

I kill as many i can
I got no friends but you can call me slam
I torture and make them bleed
Strangulation, mutilation is my creed

I strangle them with a rope
Before i prefer to smoke a lot of dope
I slaughter them without brain
In the news they're telling i'm insane

Brainpan blues

Kill all the time - no day without a victim
It's more than a crime, his condition state - mentally confused

I slice them with my knife
Inside the body my right hand dive
I butcher them for fun
Or shoot them with my gun

I choke them with a string
When i murder i always sing
I scalp and take their hair
But before i ask them to be fair

Brainpan blues

I hack them and i slay
When it's done, i start to pray
I chop, carve and slash
I rip, tear and i hash

I impale them and i spear
I leave them on the pale and disappear
At last i drink their blood
I eat their brains and i eat their mud

Brainpan blues

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