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Uh uh, oh, whassup
It came to this now huh?
We gotta cut mothafuckas like this now right?
Uh uh, what? what? hey yo hey yo hey yo

Everytime i come around niggaz look at me up and down
What the fuck now? do i gotta get buckwild?
My stress is at its all time high
I'm just not impressed, with softees actin hard i gives a fuck less
Do i gotta open his head up somethin surgical
Take em vertical, never tatum while the verse is full
Oh no! we gotta bleeda, bitch meet the reaper
The devil ain't got no love for you, me neither
You don't want a nigga like me to see ya, keep a heata
The way my demons want you dead wouldn't wanna be ya
Joke's up, the g loc's up, so what shut up
We gon' see how tough you be when we roll up
Talkin more shit that a critic would til we visit his hood
Break his limbs chop him down, split his wood
Time out, get him out the game anyway
Fuck what anybody say, i can live with the fame
I came to master the game and dish out pain
You can't weather the storm get out the rain
All my killaz chant, die die
Dat all my killaz in the van, bout the murda ride
And strive, when we collide ya better be somewhere inside
Keep screamin fo yo life can't look a demon in the eye

You, you, you too light in the ass to try to step in the ring with a heavy weight
I'm bout to kill you, i give you a shot at the title but you must be suicidal
Who's ya idol punk? who's ya idol? you wanna piece a this?
You can't handle this scandulous shit
Brain surgery you better murder me i need some therapy
For those who never hearda me you need a lombotamy
Gotta be in ya head like purgery, purgatory
Concocted the evil rhyme inside the laboratory

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