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Nicole C. Mullen

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Date de parution : 22/07/2008

Durée : 0:03:13

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Chorus:i need a brainwash from my head to my soul ~ i need a brainwash, bring it down to my toes ~ i need a brainwash in and our 'cause you know ~ i need a b r a i n double wash*
Overwhelmed by the stuff on tv ~ overloaded from the pressure fallin' on me ~ light head! oxygen! i've gotta breath *
Email, myspace, backin' up all the time ~ voicemail, press one if you're on the line ~ transformer, can you renew my mind?
Smack dab in the front of my mind ~ all that i've done wrong ~ re-play and rewind ~ how can i erase it forever this time *
Smack dab in the pit of my soul ~ this guilty feeling's diggin' a hole ~ and my thoughts are spinnin' out of control
The world is straight typical to rock the traditional ~ kinda keep it real life livin' mind simple though ~ my past is in remission ~ thrivin' on my conditions ~ i need a turn around ~ a fresh way to get down ~ comin' straight from jersey roamin' in the land of the dirty south, free ~ escapin' misery ~ with a christ mentality ~ the only way to have it ~ living word habits ~ feels nice dippin' me twice ~ yo, ah i need a
Be not conformed to this world ~ but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

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