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Man, i'm goin' home tonight
Wanna see that full moonlight
A million roads lead out of here

Success and failure, happiness and fear
But i'll find my own way back
Across that railroad track

Like a baby at your breast
In your arms i'm at my best
I said, hello, c'mon, let's go

I been goin' back and forth
One day south the next day north
This road that i've been traveling

Is littered with confusion, doubt and sin
But i'll find my own way home
Tonight i stand alone

Like a lover in your arms
Full of promise, full of charms
I said hello, c'mon, let's go, now let's go

Honey, dance for me nice and slow
Sing it, darling, way down deep and low
C'mon, kiss me once again
Be my lover, be my very best friend

We're gonna feel brand new
Gonna feel brand new
I'm gonna feel brand new

Man, i'm goin' home tonight

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