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The Walkmen

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Date de parution : 23/05/2006

Durée : 0:02:28

Style : Alternative

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Finally close the door
You?ve left open wide.
Lock it from the inside.
You lay me down
And count me out.
Watch out, its all on you.
There?s worse ways to see it, baby.
Set fire and watch it burning.
Come here, sit next me.
I?ll tell you about a dream.

I?m looking out on the world.
I see it through your eyes.

Burn you down.
Bury you.
I tried to see it plain.
There's worse ways of getting here.
You don?t hear me complaining.
I?ll tell you of every dream
I?m holding for you and me.

Look out now, it?s all on you.
Those colors are all faded.
Outside the wind is howling.
Stop talking, listen to me.
I?ll tell you of every dream.

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