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Date de parution : 17/06/2002

Durée : 0:05:

Style : Rock

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Vamos detonar essa porra - let's detonate this shit
Vamos levantar poeira - kick the dust high
Vamos arrasar - let's kick ass
Vamos arregaar - let's fuck shit up
Levanta mano, ento - get up brother, c'mon
Vamos detonar essa porra - let's detonate this shit
Vamos detonar essa porra - let's detonate this shit
Vamos detonar essa porra - let's detonate this shit
Vamos rasgar o cho - let's cut the ground

As casas - the houses
As cidades - the cities
As caladas - the sidewalks
As mulecadas - the street kids
As esquinas - the street corners
Os buracos - the holes
Balas perdidas - lost bullets
Os telhados - the roofs
No minhoco - famous tunnel in downtown so paulo
Favelas - slums where most poor people live
A multido - the crowd
Galera - soccer crowds
Na madrugada - after midnight
A gingada - a typical dance/fight from the north
E'o brasil - this is brasil
Pais porrada - hardcore country

O concreto - the concrete
Os butecos - the bars
As raizes - the roofs
As cicatrizes - the scars
O cristo redentor - christ the redeemer (famous statue of christ in rio de janeiro)
Salvador - capital of bahia (north of brasil)
O sol nascente - the rising sun
Pelourinho - famous old slave square in salvador
As catedrais - the cathedrals
Nas gerais - minas gerais (the state where max was born)
Aleijadinho - crippled sculptor famous for the 12 prophets statues in ouro preto
As peladas - soccer played barefoot in the streets, on the beach
E'o brasil - this is brasil
Na baixada - one of the most violent and dangerous places in rio de janeiro

Pais porrada - hardcore country

Brasil, pais porrada
As torcidas - organized soccer crowds
De longe vem a forte chuva - from far comes the strong rain
As torturas - the tortures (in the 60's, a lot of people were tortured and killed by the government)
E' meia noite - brasilian percussionist, meia noite, who plays on this album and on "primitive"
Quebrando tudo - fucking shit up on rhythms.
O berimbau - one-stringed brasilian instrument that max often uses conquista o mundo
Conquer the world da lama ao caos - from the mud to the chaos (this is the name of chico science's first album)
Do mangue - from the mangroves in recife
Uai - a traditional term used by the people of minas gerais minas gerais
Manaus - capital of amazonas (heart of the rainforest)
Oh yes, pele the footballer is also born there o brasil - brasil
E' muito mais - it's so much more...

Brasil, pais porrada

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