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Now i`m twenty and i think it's time to make a change
I want to start with something new
I've finished my apprenticeship everything seems to be o.k.
But in my eyes everyday is the same old thing

I get seven tousend miles away
Have no idea were to stay only my backpack and me
Lying on a sundy beach loocking at the shiny stars
Now i really could feel free

Ref:i can't live the way the way i do now any longer beleve that's not all that life can give to me
And i think the faith in life must be strongerthat's the reason, why i go!

But can i throw all that away, can i leave my homedo i have the driving force to just leave on my own
I don't dare to go away and i think i never will
Breacking free is just a dream of mine

I can't get iti can't stand it
I don't dare to go away

Right or wrong
I don't knowbecause i am very uncertain

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