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Violent Faith

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Our lives and every issues tried
And magnified by drama queens;
With judgmental minds
All the politics,
And their plexy-glass lives,
Theyre followed by
The fallen lie
And suffer in their own; time
While i step to the back of the line

Im near im here theyll tire; ill wake.
To live the reasons as i deal with it.
Im real, i bleed, i bend, ;i break
Breaking to bend to deal with it
Deal with it

Imaginations child; theyll fantasize,
What goes on up-stares here and realize
Their alley is broken glass,
Shattered truths and broken pasts,
Another angry mess of intolerance,
Breaking to bend, as they all fall in line.
Breaking to bend my life
Step in line(the waters fine)

(refrain) x2
Mother mary. break to bend

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