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Date de parution : 25/07/2006

Durée : 0:03:07

Style : Christian & Gospel

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We gotta break away from the mindset
That moneys all that matters
'cause ive seen the people with the money
Have their hearts shattered

Were taught to work hard, chase success
Do our best
And money will bring all our happiness

Well, we come at you because we gotta different point of view
Were who? the ones who live their lives anew
Used to be the same exactly like you but now we see
Money isnt everything

Im about to break, im about to break
So wake up, step up to the plate and see we gotta breakaway
We gotta break, he set us free
So wake up, step up to the plate and see we gotta breakaway

Cant you see the greed in society
It wont get the best of me so let me be
So many people hate their lives and cant break free
So try a new method and see where it leads

There comes a time when the money
The dolla, dolla bills die out, run out, what do you live for?
If its money, you're missin out on lifes meaning
What will it take until we finally make you see?

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