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Deep Blue Something

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Date de parution : 23/02/2012

Durée : 0:05:2

Style : Pop

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You say that we've got nothing in common
No common ground to start from
And we're falling apart
You'll say the world has come between us
But i know you just don't care


An i said "what about breakfast at tiffany's"
She said "i think i remember the film
And as i recall i think we both kinda liked it"
And i said "well that's one thing we got"

I see you the only one who knew me
And now your eyes see through me

I guess i was wrong
So what now? it's plain to see we're over
And i hate when things are over
When so much is left undone


Repeat first verse


Chorous x2

Typed up by steve lowder

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