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(2chainz) i got purple in my swisher, purple in my cup purple purple in my wine glass, purple label up. grapes what's up? grapes grapes grapes what's up? breakfast
(kreayshawn) oh, its kreay baby, oh hey baby. i get to work, you just lazy baby. i need my break now, when where and how? this second right here with a couple pounds. i be ... down droppin in the scraper i been around my world doing shows and gettin paper. need my medecine, again again. i'm with 2 chainz and 2 bricks and 2 hits.
Kreay) i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm hungry. hungry for this money. call me kreay heffner playboy bunny. bout that juice cheese, bread, breakfast. stackin dough. breakfast. i got all the syrup. i got i got all the syrup. i got all the syrup. i got i got all the syrup. bout that juice, cheese, bread, breakfast. stackin dough.
Kreay) 8 in the mornin and i'm up phones almost dead cuz everyone is callin. its breakfast time and i need my apple jacks and i need my fresh grape syrup and a money stack. we just poppin off, just to kill shit, and we drink a lot till we don't feel shit. shes in her birthday suit. and shes cooking, too. yeah its brakfast time and its only 2.
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