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Susan Aglukark

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I died for days so comfortable
Within my lonely self
The world outside's too hard to take
And here there's no one else
I'm fighting hard to keep these walls
From tumbling down
Rock bottom's where i wanna be
It's closer to the ground

And i'm breaking down
Let me cross that line
Let me lose control
Go out of my mind
I'll finally admit
That i just can't fake it
I've reached the limit
And i'm breaking down

It's mind over matter
Which way do i go?
And do i trust myself enough
To journey alone?
And do i know which way to turn
If i'll turn at all?
I've travelled down this road before
This time it's my call


There's hope for the soul
That is weathered and worn
Standing inside the eye of the storm
I'm already home


I've reached the limit
And i'm breaking down

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