Paroles de Breakin' up

Sean Dempsey

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Breakin' up x3
Has never been
Easier x3
Because you're not here
Even though x3
You are around
You are neverx3
Around me
I can see x3
No trouble with
With a you x3
Cause breakin' up was never

(verse 1)
You know when you dont call me back
You know when you dont call me back
I finally get you on this phone and our connections all wrong
Your acting like im starving you out
And my batterys getting low
Get me charged up or you will regret it (gret it)
I need to call you back so i can hear you better (better)
'bout to end the conversation all together (gether)
Hold up i think your cutting out
I think your cutting out
Can you hear me now because
We are breakin' up


(verse 2)
Hold up
Give a little love
Aren't you calling me back
Ok now im gonna call you at home
Hate it when the signal drops on my cell phone
Just trynna talk but my bars are all gone
Im not in the mood for your stupid ringtones
I want my body battery charged and i want you in my zone

(altered chorus)

Easier x3 (oh)
(it was never easier)
You are neverx3
(you are never)
I can see x3
(even though i cant)
You are neverx3
(i can see you all the time)

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