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Waylon Jennings

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I've been a fool- a fool, such a fool-
I've been a fool- a fool, such a fool.
Thinking you'd return my love to me-
Thinking life will be, what i want it to be.
I stay awake at night and i roam around,
I've been a fool-
And i'm breaking down.

I've been lost, baby so lost-
I've been bound, baby for so long.
Being so lonely, is so hard on a man-
Baby i know, you just must understand.
I've been trying as hard as any man can,
To be your man-
And i'm breaking down.

I love you, baby i do-
Take my heart, my soul, it all belongs to you.
Stay with me, please baby please-
My heart's in your hands, and my mind between your knees.
You know what you're doing, and all you're putting on me-
To stay true and be your man,
And i'm breaking down.

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