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Date de parution : 06/06/2006

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Rock

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Breaking honeys heart

One - two one two three.
G d c g
Ain't this sumthing, i've never been through something so hard
I feel like nothin, will ever heal this girl i scarred
So much to say, i should have said right from the start
Here i am today breakin honey's heart
I dont wanna lose her, but it feels like i just might.....disrespect or abuse her
She says and i know she's right, i'm a typical man and i'm tearing her world apart
And i understand that i am breakin honey's heart
No more lyin' for me
No more acting likeii was someone i couldn't be
She knows i'm sorry, cause sorry doesnt even start
To make up for the way, that i broke my honey's heart
She don't deserve this, to be treated so mean and cruel
And i don't deserve her, after acting like such a fool
Look in her eyes and see pain that's off the chart
All because of my lies, breaking honey's heart
No more lyin' for me, no more questions no more revision its history
I'm so sorry, she's so pretty and honest and smart
And she blue as her eyes breakin honey's heart
She's blue as her eyes breakin honey's heart

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