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Hammill Peter

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The visitors find the children gone from school:
Aged relations sling their guns across the desks...
There'll be no break-time for them unless
They talk about tomorrow
As though it's already on its way.
Amen, oh yes, they're
Waiting for the breakthroug
H in time.
The visitors hide no aces up their sleeves
And the classroom pulses to many different drums.
If only a breakthrough in time would come
There'd be some chance for the visited ones.
We could talk about tomorrow
As though we believed in that.
E could talk about it right now,
And it would come as a shock
To feel the fingernail grow on the trigger finger -
Still the visitors clock us
Waiting for the breakthrough,
Waiting for the breakthrough
With time on our hands.
(it's there all the tim

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