Paroles de Breathe boston -tribute to boston (original song)

Zach B.

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The athens of america historic points of view
Near where i had my first kiss and heartbroken too
Blistering hot in the summer but the fall is so nice
A walk through this park after dark underneath all the lights

The sea breeze speaks history along with stories untold
Its seen me grow up and fall down along uncertain roads
But when i'm away and my childhood seems all but forgotten
I'll just breath boston

A thousand little shops line all the red brick alley streets
Along with the shops you hear the pounding of thousands of feet
As each human being tends to either there business or pleasure
Boston besides the heat you bring i love the weather

An all white but black top old lighthouse on the rocks keep the ships from here
That used to bring history admits the seas misery as the boats lined the pier
These shores sure have captured my highlights and disasters and not forgotten
So as i reminisce on a past i sure miss
I'll breath boston.

The last of the sun drifts behind the tallest skyscraper
Thank god that this city has everything for me but sleep
I think ill stay up late and drink till the day is forgotten
Then step outside the old saloon smelling like smoke and booze
And i'll breath boston