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One, first i'm slowing you
Two, now i'm pressing q
Three, now i'm casting e
Four, now you can't breathe

My enemies can't breathe when i run through
Fling you, gas spews, this ain't a game man,
I'll make you exclaim "i can't (breathe)"
This mix is too thick, my moves are too quick
Your getting too sick, you just can't (breathe)

Don't know who you're facing
This chemist you're chasing, this is a disgrace man
Because you can't (breathe)
Blow straight though your teammates
I'm running in figure eights, i'm coming to seal fates,
And now you can't (breathe)

(verse 1)
I'm like an lethal virus
So deadly with singed the other team might mistake me for dyrus
Unkillable in the laning phase, that you'll all be so amazed
At all my amazing plays that you can't (breathe)
You won't have time to react, first i throw you through the air
Then i instigate an asthma attack
I'm an unstoppable hurricane, i'll own you in every lane
Til i hear my favorite words (an enemy has been slain)
You better call for your jungle champ to stop farming jungle camps
And help you save your tower from the chemist man
I'm pushing full time except to shop, this bottle is not a prop
I'll poison you nonstop so that you can't (breathe)



(verse 2)
I learned my craft from the grandmaster chemists from zaun
Got so much skill that i'm now the head master,
A melee caster and my power's unrivaled
Concoctions that reduce your survival upon arrival
I'm liable to take you on 5v1, just for fun,
Pop my ult reducing every stun now it's time to run
Scatter like roaches in the sun, kill you one by one
Time has come, fight is done, that was fun now it's time to (breathe)

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