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Eyes Of Fire

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Date de parution : 23/03/2004

Durée : 0:02:54

Style : Heavy Metal

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Where do we go? where do we go? from here?
I crawl to you. through fields of scorn. from here
I call to you. my arms outstretched. from here
Breathe, what has become of this life
Life, i have waited for you
Breathe, nothing will ever become
Out, of the burdens i went through for you
I tried to love but where were you?
Breathe, i have waited for you
Life, will she ever come for me
Breathe, i can no longer try
Out, to be who you want me to be
Breathe, breathe life, breathe, breathe out
I tried to love but where were you?
I can't believe i'm here again, still alone
I gave you all i had in me, never again
Fade away this life from me, breathe out

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