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Date de parution : 26/09/2012

Durée : 0:02:51

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(verse 1)
My apologies if i'm too blunt, me no mean to offend you
But there is no discussion of it, i am cooler than you
They fly me out for shows, then i do what i'm sent to
Rappin for a thousand babes, packed inside a venue
I been killin it for ages, always checkin ages
If she ain't tryna fuck the first night we're on different pages
We pre game then we party then the after party rages
After that is when the purple smoke billows up and hazes
I been going hammy ham
Chillin with a slammy slam
She could take a picture just don't put that shit on instagram
Of one night stands i am a fan
All i do is wham and bam
Think i'm not the dopest? got me mixed up like an anagram
Drinkin', smokin', now i got the spins like a merry-go
Feel like i'm the shit, everywhere i go, but really you don't hear me though
This is like, rap game tim burton, scary flow
Got my shit, lined up to go, i'm prepared to blow

If you didn't know before, now you know, i'm the motherfuckin' man
Watch me fuck around and blow and make a billion fore i go
See that's the motherfuckin' plan

(verse 2)
We be swappin ho's
You put a lock on those
Looking fresh up out the 50s like the clock had froze
I got lots of flows
Nuts i go pistachios
Boy i got 'em buzzing from the bay to the galapagos
Cheers, now i've been slept on for years, that's a coma
Typically i fill my studio with tree aroma
Class comes easily just like a free diploma
My money stretch like yoga, got it wrapped up like a toga
All we do is mob, fool i got the coolest job
Fuck you and your mixtape boy i'm something of a music snob
Your whole style is borrowed, all you rappers do is rob
If i don't know you i don't speak like a hasidic jewish mob
I got bitches on the top floor doin' blow
Burnin' on this sour diesel got me movin' slow
Eazy is that rapper you'll be soon to know
I did it independently but bitch i'm movin' units though


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