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Date de parution : 12/06/2012

Durée : 0:04:

Style : Rock

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Release me and i'll never return
You need me so i know this may hurt
But i don't want to be your shoulder to cry on

I don't want to listen to all of your problems
I wish i could be one that you could rely on
But i just can't sift through your delusions

Leave me out of all your crises
I never wanted to share your disease
You'd cure your hunger by gnawing at me
And pull me under just so you could breathe

You drained me of energy
You maimed me with all of your needs
What do you live for and what are you after

Your every decision is a disaster
I wish i could be there to see the destruction
But i can longer suffer your delusions

So now you are over, now you are

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