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I know how to roll a seven
& i know i've got a place in heaven
But i'm in no hurry to go
I know all the compromises
& i've seen all the shapes & sizes
But i never go with the flow


I think i need some breathing lessons
Sometimes i go too far
I know i need some breathing lessons
Show me where to start

I don't know how to change the weather
But i've seen you in lace & leather
& i keep that thought to myself
I know how to live on credit
Take a dive & never regret it
So much for sharing the wealth

(repeat bridge)

Breath in, breath out
You don't know how i need you right now
Breath in - if i let go
And breath out- tell me you'll catch me
I know that you will show me how

I know how to lock & load it
& i know how to crack and de-code it
Call it my fortunate fame
I know how to do what matters
Shake the tree & how to climb the ladder
I'm at the top of my game
(repeat bridge)
(repeat chorus)

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